Non-Interest Revenue Generation

Community banks continue to feel pressure to attain ROI and ROA levels acceptable to their boards and shareholders. Improvements in legacy expense levels, increasing levels of bank fees and decreases in loan loss reserve may have some positive impact, but the prevailing thinking strongly suggests that banks must develop additional sources of non-interest revenue. Some of this revenue increase will come from banking related products and services such as mobile banking, etc.

In strategic plans we have reviewed there is virtually always a plank which addresses the need for the bank to increase non-interest revenue- with little direction as to how this can be accomplished.

CBAO has negotiated with premier insurance and financial services organizations to bring industry leading products and programs to community banks. Some key programs available – all of which demonstrated to have created material levels of recurring non-interest revenue;

  • Internet based multiple product insurance platform
  • Bank owned life insurance
  • Direct marketed insurance, branded to the bank, with no marketing expense
  • Retail investment platforms
  • Checking account and club programs

All partner relationships are fully vetted and a complete due diligence is available to participating banks.

Bank management focus group sessions are facilitated to explore insurance and financial services programs that are available that would support key bank initiatives and products.

Contact Aza Bittinger at 614.846.2238 to learn how CBAO can help you with partner sourcing.