2019 Bank Compensation & Benefits Survey

What does the survey cover?

A total of 778 banks participated in the 2019 Crowe Bank Compensation and Benefits Survey. The participants represented a cross section of the industry by size and geographic location. The survey covers 273 job titles and the following topics:

  • Calibrating compensation structures using industry benchmarks
  • Structuring salary and incentive pay to support business strategy
  • Aligning board of director compensation to the industry
  • Identifying trends in human resources programs and turnover
  • How does this resource support our hiring/retainment strategy?

How does this resource support our hiring/retainment strategy?

The 2019 Crowe Bank Compensation and Benefits Survey provides invaluable compensation-focused benchmarking data. According to MRINetwork’s 2017 Recruiter Sentiment Study, 52% of candidates cited competitive compensation packages as the most attractive to prospective hires (#2 was work-life balance). With such an emphasis on compensation from a talent perspective, having relevant and timely data is critical when considering any of the following:

  • New positions you may be adding later this year or in 2020
  • Enhancing your retention programs to ensure competitive compensation 
  • Filling vacancies due to employees who’ll be retiring
  • 2020 employee compensation budgeting
  • Comparisons for senior management and board of directors' compensation package

What’s the participation breakdown?

Midwest participation: 353

  • Ohio participants: 25
  • Population <100,000: 299
  • Population >100,000: 54

Asset Size:

  • <$250M:184
  • $250M - <$500M: 82
  • $500M - <$1B: 45
  • >$1B: 42

What's the cost?

For more information, please contact Susan Houser at shouser@cbao.com or 614.610.1877.