Become a CBAO Partner

As part of CBAO's mission to deliver economic and competitive advantages to Ohio's community banks, we identify and partner with premier service providers who are dedicated to enhancing the community banking industry.

Our partner program is designed to foster mutually beneficial relationships between top-notch businesses and our members. CBAO Partners enjoy exclusive benefits and marketing opportunities. 

Interested in becoming a CBAO Partner?

Please contact Aza Bittinger at (614) 846-2238 to discuss partnership opportunities.

Partner Benefits

Partner Qualifications

  • Partner on agreement basis
  • Exclusive partner for Community Bankers Association of Ohio
    • No competitive endorsements without prior written approval by CBAO
  • Exclusive partner only for primary product(s) as listed in agreement
  • Marketing materials available to CBAO for distribution
  • May be subject to reference check, due diligence and on-site review
  • CBAO membership termination results in non-member pricing within 30 days of notice
  • Members of other state associations are included in current agreement when partner is notified