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As the exclusive voice for community bank and thrift institutions in Ohio, we continue our mission to support the advancement, success and vitality of independent community banking.

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Since 1974 our mission at CBAO has been simple, the advancement of independent community banking in the state of Ohio. While our industry has changed considerably in the last 44 years, we are proud our mission has remained the same.

We have recognized the following achievements in recent years:

  • Federal Legislation requiring community bank presence on Federal Reserve Board.
  • Reduction of call report burden.
  • Changes in pledging requirements for public deposits resulting in increased liquidity for community banks.
  • Maintaining $10 interest-earned threshold requiring banks to send Form 1099-INT to a depositor who earned any amount of interest in a calendar year. It also would have required banks to report to the IRS certain information on all non-interest-bearing accounts.
  • Exemption of community banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System with assets >$1B to <$10B from having their dividends reduced from 6.0% to 1.5%.
  • Extension from 2018 to 2019-20 of FASB CECL Loan-Loss Reserve Proposal.
  • Broadened small-creditor and rural designations under CFPB Regulation Z mortgage rules.
  • Elimination of redundant privacy notices.
  • Expanded 18-month examination cycle for community banks with <$1B.
  • Allow Thrift Holding Companies to take advantage of SEC shareholder registration thresholds.
  • Restore funds cut from the crop insurance program.
  • Prevented higher Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Guarantee Fees.

As we are united in our goal for the advancement of independent community banking in the state of Ohio, our advocacy and representation is supported annually by your financial support and active engagement in the Community Bankers Association of Ohio.