Training By Date


Time Event
12:00 PMTop 10 HSA Issues
2:30 PMCommercial & Business Lending Basics for Support Personnel


Time Event
12:00 PMACH and Wire Transfer Fraud Identification and Prevention
2:30 PMCDD and the 5th Pillar
3:00 PMBSA Compliance Series: BSA Compliance Hotspots: Regulators, Litigation, Policies & Procedures


Time Event
11:00 AMProfessional Development Series: A Shout Out for the Team!
11:00 AMCRA - Review and Update
2:30 PMOpening New Accounts III - Trust, Fiduciary and Minor Accounts
3:00 PMSecuring Collateral Part 2: Form UCC-3 & Amending, Continuing or Terminating Security Interests


Time Event
11:00 AMACH Exception Processing
12:00 PMBasel III – Capital Conservation Buffer Creation
3:00 PMCompliance in Handling Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), Including Recent Rule Changes


Time Event
11:00 AMOpening Accounts for Nonprofits & Charities
2:00 PMGovernment Payments: Know Your Responsibilities
2:30 PMLending 101
3:00 PMRevisiting TRID Line-by-Line Part 1: Loan Estimate


Time Event
11:00 AMCoaching to Behaviors That Will Improve Results
12:00 PMWrapping Arms Around BSA Bank Secrecy Act
2:30 PMUnderstanding Commercial Loan Documents
3:00 PMACH Specialist Series: Complex ACH Origination Issues for ODFIs:...*


Time Event
11:00 AMTop 10 Missing FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Controls
2:30 PMCoaching Tellers to Excellence
3:00 PMSecurity Officer Reports to the Board: Fulfilling Your Annual Requirement


Time Event
12:00 PMHandling IRA Legal Issues


Time Event
2:30 PMOfficer Calling: Prospecting, Preparing & Presentation


Time Event
11:00 AMCustomer Identification Programs and Customer Due Diligence: 2017 Update
2:30 PMFair Lending Hot Topics in 2017 - What's On the Horizon?
3:00 PMCommunicating in a Crisis: How to Protect Your Reputation & Brand


Time Event
11:00 AMCall Reports: RC-C Loan Coding and Related RC-R Reporting
2:00 PMFaster Payments: Same Day ACH Phase 2
2:30 PMProviding Accurate and Timely Adverse Action Notices
3:00 PMSurviving an FFIEC IT Security Exam


Time Event
9:00 AMHuman Resources Forum II
11:00 AMDirector Series: What the Board Needs to Know About Vendor Management
11:00 AMControlling the Risks of Power of Attorney Documents


Time Event
9:00 AMBSA Workshop 2017


Time Event
2:30 PMProblem Loan Workout in Today's Market


Time Event
11:00 AMLiving Trust Documents
3:00 PMRisk Management Series: Conducting an RDC Risk Assessment:...*


Time Event
11:00 AMHonest Conversations
11:00 AMBasic Underwriting
12:00 PMSurfing Through the Storm of Flood Insurance
3:00 PMHMDA Data Collection Rules: Preparing for the Extensive January 1, 2018 Changes


Time Event
11:00 AMEscrow Account Compliance
12:00 PMPerforming Your ACH Risk Assessment
12:00 PMWinning Strategies for Branch Transformation: Is the “branch of the future” here yet?
2:00 PMNon-Resident Alien BSA Issues
3:00 PMSecuring Collateral Part 3: Legal & Compliance Issues in Obtaining Priority in Collateral...*


Time Event
9:00 AM2017 Compliance Forum II


Time Event
11:00 AMRegulation DD (Truth in Savings): Common Errors
3:00 PMAccount Documentation Series: Nonresident Alien Accounts: Opening, Tax ID Numbers, IRS Issues...*


Time Event
11:00 AMMilitary Lending Act Essentials
12:00 PMTop 10 IRA Issues
2:00 PMCapital Risk and Ratios: What Your Financial Institution Needs to Know
3:00 PMCredit Analyst Training Part 1: Basic Small Business Lending
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