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Time Event
8:00 AM2017 Memorial Tournament Practice Round - MONDAY


Time Event
8:00 AM2017 Memorial Tournament Practice Round - TUESDAY


Time Event
8:00 AM2017 Memorial Tournament Practice Round - WEDNESDAY
11:00 AMA Week in the Life of a Coach
12:00 PMDefining Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance and Risk Culture
3:00 PMAuditing Call Reports: Compliance, Regulator Expectations & Best Practices


Time Event
9:00 AM2017 Community Banking Hospitality House - THURSDAY, June 1
2:00 PMMillennials: How FIs are Missing the Mark
3:00 PM12 Key Elements of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy


Time Event
8:00 AM2017 Community Banking Hospitality House - FRIDAY, June 2


Time Event
8:00 AM2017 Memorial Tournament Day Course Tickets - SATURDAY, June 3


Time Event
8:00 AM2017 Memorial Tournament Day Course Tickets - SUNDAY, June 4


Time Event
2:00 PMEffectively Documenting Your Lending Policy
2:30 PMWriting an Effective Credit Memorandum
3:00 PMReport Writing for Auditors: Tips, Tools & Best Practices


Time Event
2:00 PMHuman Trafficking: Financial Institution Awareness and Red Flag Identifiers for Front-Line and Risk
2:30 PMThree Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program - ERM, IT, and Internal Controls
3:00 PMRevisiting TRID Line-by-Line Part 2: Closing Disclosure


Time Event
11:00 AMA Loan, Anyone?
12:00 PMSocial Engineering – Behind the Scenes
2:30 PMBasics of Real Estate Loan Documentation
3:00 PMDeveloping an Effective Process for Change Control: Shared Responsibilities, Implementation****


Time Event
11:00 AMWriting New Accounts Procedures with New CDD
12:00 PMIntroduction to IRAs
3:00 PMBSA Compliance Series: New BSA Officer Training


Time Event
2:30 PMIntroduction to Consumer Lending


Time Event
9:00 AMChief Executive Officer (CEO) Forum
11:00 AMCall Center Representative Training
12:00 PMDebit Card Disputes: Asking Right Questions and Gathering Right Information
3:00 PMReporting Customer Credit & Effectively Managing Credit Disputes


Time Event
9:00 AMChief Financial Officer (CFO) Forum
11:00 AMProtecting Your Salaried-Exempt Status
11:00 AMTransition Lines to Day-to-Day Banking
12:00 PMEffectively Setting and Monitoring ACH/RDC Exposure Limits
3:00 PMDebit Card Chargebacks: Rules, Rights, Challenges & Best Practices


Time Event
9:00 AMSenior Lender Forum II
12:00 PMUpdating Your Bank’s BSA/AML/OFAC Risk Assessment
3:00 PMTraditional & Roth IRA Plan Establishment & Required Amendments


Time Event
2:30 PMExcel Explained: Pivot Tables Part 1


Time Event
11:00 AMMarketing & Advertising Compliance
12:00 PMEver-Present Need for Third-Party Vendor Management
2:00 PMDocumenting Your Social Media Policy and Regulatory Expectations for Training
3:00 PMReal Estate Series: Adverse Action in Mortgage Lending: Are You in Compliance?


Time Event
11:00 AMFocusing on Retirement
11:00 AMRegulations X and Z - 2017 Revised Servicing Rules
12:00 PMPerforming Your Mobile Financial Services (MFS) Payments Risk Assessment
3:00 PMACH Specialist Series: Same Day ACH: Preparing for Processing Debits, Effective September 15, 20


Time Event
11:00 AMLegal Issues of Checks
12:00 PMDifferentiating between Underwriting for Credit versus Transactional Risk for ACH, RDC, and Wire Tra
3:00 PMCredit Analyst Training Part 2: Analyzing Financial Statements


Time Event
12:00 PMACH/RDC Regulatory Credit Training: Exposure Limits, Reviews and Relationship Maintenance
12:00 PMManaging E-SIGN, E-Statements and E-Disclosures


Time Event
2:30 PMExcel Explained: Pivot Tables Part 2


Time Event
2:00 PMWinning Strategies for Branch Transformation: Is the “branch of the future” here yet?
3:00 PMThe Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the CFPB’s Amendments to Mortgage Servicing Requirements


Time Event
2:00 PMDue Diligence for Traditional and Online Account Opening
2:30 PMHandling Accounts, Checks and IRS Reporting at Death
2:30 PMAuditing Your Bank Secrecy Act Program
3:00 PMMy Borrower Filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Now What?


Time Event
2:00 PMRegulator Guidance on Prepaid Cards: Preventing Customer Fraud
3:00 PMWhen a Borrower Dies: Next Steps & Best Practices


Time Event
11:00 AMDetermining Your Market
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